Reaching Out

The other day a good friend of mine reached out for Alanon support.  I was so grateful for a few different reasons.

First, I’d wondered to what degree her husband’s drinking might be interfering in their relationship.  She’d mentioned it in the past, but not gone into much detail about it.  My guess was that there may be more to it, but Alanon has taught me to be patient, and mind my own business.  When she asked how I did it when times got tough at home in my family, as Alanon suggested I shared my experience, strength and hope about how the 12 Steps and other Alanon members supported me to take care of me first.

The second reason I was glad she’d called was because due to diminished sleep for three days, my condition was “vulnerable” teetering on “weepy to pity party.”  Although I hadn’t yet crossed the line to full pity, it was dangerously about to infringe upon my serenity and sanity.  Her call got me out of myself and reminded me to be available to pass on what has been so generously shared with me through the years.  Really, thank God for her call.  She saved me from going down the road to insanity and unreasonability.  The gifts of the program are wonderous and timely.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am approachable. ”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

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    Lisa Espich said,

    Reaching out for help seems to be one of the biggest challenges for those who are affected by addiction. I kept my husband’s drug addiction a secret for nearly twenty years. It was only after I gathered the courage to let the secret out, and reach out for help, that my family found healing. Lisa Espich, author of “Soaring Above Co-Addiction”.

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      solutions00 said,

      Thank you for sharing. It’s always good to hear how well it work for others to reach out too. It keeps inspiring me to share about the challenges that continue to come up for me. – Namaste

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