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I’m writing about my experiences in 12 Step programs.  Note the plural – I’m on both sides of addictions and I’m remaining anonymous. 

One of my sponsees encouraged me to write this journal to share with more people what I’m learning – and to share about the miracles that happen when we work the 12 Steps.  Some pretty amazing things have happened lately, and I can only credit a Higher Power, God, whatever you wish to call it with the miracles.

Someone is alive because of these miracles.  I’m at peace most of the time because of these miracles.  How it works is a mystery and it doesn’t really matter how it works – it works.  That’s the important thing.

Perhaps some of what’s written here will resonate with you.  Or, give you a useful tool.  Whatever comes of it is up to God and you.  I’m just typing and working on staying out of the way.

– Namaste


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  1. 1

    Carole said,

    God only knows how many apples in a seed keep planting them namaskar ckb

    • 2

      solutions00 said,

      Thanks for your comment. Thanks to your example I’m planting away. Already received another comment besides yours from a former stranger! – Namaste

  2. 3

    Journey Of Recovery said,

    Can I sign up for daily updates via email to your blog??? I love it!!

    • 4

      solutions00 said,

      Thanks for the positive feedback – glad it’s helpful. And thanks to your request I just added the RSS feed button to the right of the posting. Just press it and follow directions. There may be an additional feed later as I discover how to do it – I’m pretty new at the technical end of things and one of my sponsees is coaching me. She’s a technical wizard. Good luck and God Bless.

    • 5

      solutions00 said,

      Here I am a year later and my friend has taught me how to add email subscriptions to my site! Previously I knew only about the RSS feed. Sorry about the delay on this due to user naivety. Hope this helps and is a welcome surprise. – Namaste

  3. 6

    Hummingbird said,

    Thank you for your writings! I, too, was encouraged by others to share my journals about recovery and have found it extremely helpful. Blogging is a bit new to me, but I have found that writing helps me to heal, and sharing with others only enhances that experience. We have a wonderful Al-Anon writing group in our area and I would encourage others to try the written format as well.

    • 7

      solutions00 said,

      Thank you for sharing about your experience. It’s good to know that others are writing as well. Many Blessings. – Namaste

  4. 8

    momvsaddiction said,

    Your words resonated with me so much. I am into year three parenting a recovering addict. Alanon has changed my life and allowed me to heal. I will read your blog often and have put you in my blogroll. I started my own blog this week as a way to share my experience and offer hope to others, especially parents. Writing has been an integral part of my own healing. Keep writing, your words are powerful.

    • 9

      solutions00 said,

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s inspiring to hear how Alanon is helping you heal. Good luck with your blog. My blogging has been a very fulfilling endeavor. My goal is for it to give back to others as I have received from so many through the years. Hundreds of people contribute to what is written each day – without knowing it. That’s how our Higher Power works, through those we are blessed to hear in meetings each week. It’s a great honor to be able to share what others teach me. Many blessings. – Namaste

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