My husband was a little embarassed by that last posting.  He thought I was just bragging about him and didn’t initially see that what I was focused on is my gratitude for all of his hard work and how just doing what’s in front of us to do helps us make progress.  The programs tell us this, and it’s up to us to take the action.

I’m happy to report that after the nine assignments, tests and presentations that were due last week and the three interviews, I have good news and more gratitude.  A few hours after my third interview on Saturday I was offered a practicum position!  It’s located closest to home and school, and it will have more than enough hours for me to finish my masters degree on time!  I may even be able to finish a little early.  And we have two more contracts signed to start this week and another bid to do.  Okay so obviously I’m stuck on a theme this week.  This is all the result of our Higher Powers taking care of everything while we focus on the tasks before us each day.  There were a few moments in the past week when a little fear flashed across my screen tempting me to doubt.  I think my husband had a round with it too.  But for both of us it was fleeting.  And fear didn’t stop either of us from doing what needed to be done.

There was a time where it would have been easy to grab onto that fear and ride it out to the unpleasant state of lack of serenity and insanity.  No thanks.  Not interested.  Nor does that mean that we can get cocky and arrogant about our blessings and good fortune to date.  It was only a month and a half ago that we didn’t know how we would pay the bills.  We’re making good progress, and we have more to do.  Sometimes I still feel like such a beginner.  When we are out of debt, then we will celebrate in a big way.  Meanwhile, we have small celebrations, hugs, prayers of gratitude, passing on any jobs we aren’t capable of doing to others in our network of friends and colleagues.  And we’re doing our best to carry the message and practice the principles of the program in all areas of our lives, daily.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am practicing the principles daily. ”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

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