There are many things that I’m not all that good at (calculus, setting stones, playing the violin), although some of them I could develop competency at with some study.  However, unless there is a special reason to, or some interest on my part that probably won’t happen.  I have enough to do.

There are many other things at which my skill set has become either adequate or quite well honed (gardening, baking, marketing, mentoring).  In other words, I’m quite capable in a number of areas which years ago seemed unimaginable to me.  And this is thanks to the persistence and perseverence of my sponsors, my friends, the therapist I’ve seen at times through the years, program meetings and events, and a series of mentors both official and spontaneous.

Now when something tends to seem overwhelming, there is a history in my memory files of situations where my Higher Power worked things out while I just did what was in front of me to do.  Yes, I used my intelligence and common sense about what was next to do.  I also reached out to others for guidance and direction when appropriate – and sooner rather than later.  Asking for help earlier in the process always saves me energy, time and usually eliminates potential upset.  My mood stays more serene and sane.  And then it’s possible to move on to other things sooner and spend the extra time in service or self care.  Life seems to work better when my Higher Power is in charge.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am grateful for choices. ”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

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