Saying Goodbye

Friends of ours in the Programs are moving out of state in a few weeks.  Lately there have been a number of get-togethers to wish them well and say goodbye.

It reminded me of leaving my first Program home in the midwest for the mountains of Colorado.  It happened so fast.  I was inexperienced about the corporate process, was offered a job on Wednesday, accepted on Friday and reported for work via air travel in Denver on Monday.  I barely said goodbye to anyone.  They never had a chance to wish me well before I left.  The movers packed me in the midwest, car and all, while I was in Seattle.  Upon returning to Denver, my belongings had arrived without any real input from me.  And since my presence was lacking during the move it took me a while to find things in the boxes so neatly packed by the movers.  They did a nice job actually.

But the point is that having the opportunity, or making it, to say goodbye is important when we are moving on to another location or a new job.  I missed it back then because I didn’t know better.  Now I do.  When the 5th layoff notification came in on my last job, I used the 2 weeks advance notice to say goodbye to my clients who were all really disappointed with the news, offered to write me letters of recommendation, and thanked me for my service and for letting them know in person of my departure.  Some of us have stayed in touch and I’ve so appreciated the continuity.  It was truely a pleasure to experience this last saying goodbye event.  It taught me about other people and about myself.  And it gave us both an opportunity for a new relationship.  My previous bosses and I have stayed in touch as well and that has been a great blessing as they really are lovely people.  And the corporate decisions they were ordered to implement via layoffs have set me on a whole new trajectory in life for which I am very grateful.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am learning to say goodbye with grace. ”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

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