I don’t have any birth children.  I do however have a lovely little step son whom I love and hope to pass on at least some of the kindness and wisdom that’s been shared with me.

It’s crossed my mind that the legacy which most of us hope to leave through our children is something that can happen in many other ways as well.  One of those for me is through this blog.  My goal is to share what I learn that is so helpful to me.  By doing that, my legacy is passed on to anyone who finds some value in the wisdom that’s been passed on to me by so many hundreds of generous people in meetings over the years.  It’s not really my legacy though.  Most of what I write isn’t original, although how I share it may be.  What I share is the legacy of many other people through many generations.  It’s my pleasure and honor to pass it on.  By doing so, my serenity and sanity stay intact.  And of course, my sponsor, meetings and service work are my mainstays.

So, a part of my legacy will be whatever good is passed on by my actions and my words.  Each of us can pay more attention to the daily legacies we pass on to others through our actions and how we speak to people.  When we become more conscious of our options, we can pause and be aware of the choices we make and how they will affect other people and our environment.  Something as simple as a smile to a stranger or the clerk at the store can touch that person, and in turn everyone they connect with that day.  Our seemingly small decisions really can make big differences on the planet.  I’m learning to be more aware of my little decisions each day.  It takes being in the moment, slowly, patiently and with attention to the small opportunities we encounter with our fellow human beings.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am passing it on.”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

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