Golden Opportunities

A sponsee has been so inspiring in that she is sooooo open to continue learning and growing. 

Recently, she returned to school for an executive level class in her realm of expertise.  It’s a relatively new field.  Things haven’t gone quite as she would have liked.  And at the same time, because of that, she now has the opportunity to learn more about areas in which she can make changes and grow.  She will be able to carry these changes from the workplace, out into her personal life as well.

While it has been humbling for her to learn about some gaps in her acumen, she has accepted the evidence with grace and a willingness to grow from the seeming adversity.  There are golden opportunities for her which will impact her in countless positive ways going forward – because she’s open to it.  Some may see this situation as one of those times when it gets worse before it getts better.  And it does get better, and better, when we get out of the way and accept what is before us as an opportunity.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am open to the possibilities.”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

If you find this helpful, pass it on to others.  For daily updates, press the orange RSS feed to the right for directions.


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