Hat’s Off To You

I’ve noticed lately that when some people, particularly those who’ve been so hard on themselves and others, work Steps 4 through 9 they can often have the appearance of a lighter more energized presence.  How they show up in life is markedly different.  Truly, it can be remarkable.

My hat is off to them for their diligence in facing the fears that have veiled who they really are from both themselves, and others.  When they start to recognized the patterns, the modus operandi from which they’ve acted all those years – that is half the solution.  That’s what the 12 Step programs tell us.  Once we know more about ourselves, we can begin, with the help of our sponsors and others in the program to determine other options of being in the world.  And we do have other options – usually, a myriad of options.  Speaking for myself, when starting out in 12 Step work it became clear to me that I’d just never been taught the critical thinking process, or had the helpful modeling from others that could best support me with solutions.

So, as we reach out in the spirit of “fellowship” for solutions, asking for help, we receive suggestions.  We start to learn how to find our own options and also learn from other’s mistakes so that we don’t have to make them too.  What does this mean?  It means we make progress.  Situation by situation, as we try new options we experience more success, our comfort level with these new behaviors grows.  It’s important for us to be patient with ourselves, and very gentle.  We are relearning new ways of living and being that are much more helpful than those we formerly practiced.  After years of disappointing results from old behavior, these new ways of being need to be seen for what they are in the beginning – baby steps.  As we become more comfortable, and more confident, our self esteem grows and we start to see who we really are.  We start to remember that we are children of a Higher Power, and we become available to do God’s work.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am learning what works.”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

If you find this helpful, pass it on to others.  For daily updates, press the orange RSS feed to the right for directions.


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