Choosing Solutions


Each day I find myself presented with opportunities to choose solutions or problems.  Sometimes, my choices seem to lean toward the problem.  Fortunately, in most cases those choices can be redirected to solutions with little damage done.  But, it’s up to us to make the choice – we are accountable for that piece.

Recently, someone in the program chose not to pick up the phone when finding themselves in fear – big fear.  Instead they isolated and focused on activities which only created more fear.  They riled themselves up to the point of storm warning and spun into a tornado of attacks on a loved one who’s stuck in an addiction.  Been there, done that.  Not a solution focus.  And whenever I’ve found myself in that place it causes me regret and more pain than I started with.

So, the solutions are picking up the phone to call anyone in the program when we find ourselves in that place of spinning insanity – or going to a meeting, going for a walk, praying the Serenity Prayer, or the Third Step Prayer, cleaning, gardening, being of service to someone else.  Lately, channeling my upset feelings into decluttering and cleaning interspersed with affirmations has helped my self-esteem, sanity, serenity and the level of peace at home.  Friends have actually commented about how peaceful the house feels.  Perhaps it’s because there’s more room for my Higher Power to work – in me and in the house.

If you find this helpful, pass it on to others.  For daily updates, press the orange RSS feed to the right for directions.

Affirmation for the Day – ” I am choosing solutions.”

Remember to say the affirmation at least 3 times whenever you remember it, preferably in front of a mirror.

Course In Miracles Lesson –  I am not a body, I am free.  For I am still as God created me.  Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Practice – I am not a body, I am free.  For I am still as God created me.  I choose the joy of God instead of pain.  Love is the way I walk in gratitude.  The Holy Spirit is my only Guide.  He walks with me in love.  And I give thanks to Him for showing me the way to go.


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